Vacuity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vacuity:

The vacuity and the superfluity are thus partially compensated by each other.

"Or the vacuity of the unlucky, possibly," said Tom, with an easy laugh.

Dust on the water, cries on the water, then vacuity and silence.

Did it not all spring from the barrenness and vacuity of rural life?

She beats the taeds that live in stanes,An' fatten in vacuity!

No corner of any place can be empty; there can be no vacuity.

This is the method of Vacuity or Dawdling formerly mentioned.

Around it and beyond was only the blackness and silence of vacuity.

He then rose with his attendants, and pierced into the vacuity of heaven.

How a Bodhisattwa merges all natural attributes into vacuity.