Vacancy [noun]

Definition of Vacancy:


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Sentence/Example of Vacancy:

And—perhaps you'd better not say you are applying until we find out if there is a vacancy.

We now up helm, and steered for a vacancy among the British vessels.

It hasn't got no employment for its mind, and is always in a state of vacancy.

Another of the many shapes in which it started up about him, out of vacancy.

Then, as for knowing there was a vacancy, that also was money.

He felt a vacancy in him, a need for the hush and quietude of the stream and the cave in the cliff.

Is there a curve in it which I can modulate—a line which I can graduate—a vacancy I can fill?

The young man continued to gaze before him into vacancy, as if he had not heard.

Clotilde remained for a moment absorbed in thought, her gaze lost in vacancy.

His eyes fixed on vacancy, he remained for a time lost in thought.