Vacuum [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vacuum:

As for Philip, all seemed a mere negation; there was a vacuum where his place had been.

There were only a Ruhmkorff coil and Crookes (vacuum) tube and the man himself.

His first search was for a durable filament which would burn in a vacuum.

Plato affirms, almost in so many words, that nature abhors a vacuum.

Yes, it must be that this land is a vacuum, such as I read of when I was a girl in school.

They seemed to lie in a vacuum, in the very hollow of the storm.

A place from which the air is practically all pumped out is called a vacuum.

The air from all sides rushes into the vacuum and collides there; then it bounces back.

The vacuum keeps any conducted heat from getting out of the bottle or into it.

But, as you know, radiant heat can flash right through a vacuum.