Insolvency [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Insolvency:

Simmonds said conversations about how to avert insolvency need to begin now, and that Lemon Grove should start by assessing the feasibility of offloading fire protection to the county.

They can never be taken from the capital, for this would impair it and, if continued, result in the insolvency of the corporation.

Four months previous to the opening of this story he died in a state little better than insolvency.

The court of insolvency made that which was foreign, colonial property.

Sceptics, materialists, loaded with debt, they raised poverty to a system and laughed at their voluntary insolvency.

In it the criminal courts are held; there too are the offices of the court of probate and insolvency.

Not open insolvency and bankrupt disgrace; no, ruin, and an Austrian jail, is the one outlook.

The expression "formal indication of insolvency" bears the same meaning as it has in English law.

Livings had to be sequestered through clerical insolvency or scandalous misconduct.

Indeed, indications of the approaching crisis were already observable in the records of the Insolvency Court.