Rupture [noun]

Definition of Rupture:

break, split

Synonyms of Rupture:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rupture:

Sentence/Example of Rupture:

If he remained only a few minutes it would indicate that there had been a rupture.

The married couple should, therefore, avoid everything which may rupture this link.

As soon as each understood the other's full intention, there would be a rupture.

Step by step the mother country and its colonies were advancing to a rupture.

It is rumored here that the Russian ambassador is no stranger to this rupture.'

All his anxiety is, to let the rupture, if there must be one, proceed from her side.

A rupture between your brother and the King will save Theos.

A rupture with France seemed inevitable, and as to clemency, there was no danger of it.

Here was a breach of continuity--a rupture in historical sequence!

The apologists of business also justified a rupture with human decencies.