Sullenness [noun]

Definition of Sullenness:


Synonyms of Sullenness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sullenness:


Sentence/Example of Sullenness:

Then turning to me—You can bear the imputation of sullenness I see!

The man kept his glance averted, and the cloud of sullenness deepened on his face.

Morty fell back on sullenness, and bade him manage it his own way.

Lanty took the money with a mixture of humility and sullenness.

The woman assumes a sullenness, and it is some time before she can be got to proceed.

We had confidence in Cypher's sullenness and smouldering ferocity.

Hope was just beginning to crowd anxiety and sullenness out of the way.

And, meanwhile, his very despair and sullenness had been turned to his good.

Theodora bent her head and cast down her eyes, not in sullenness, but in sorrow.

Sullenness, if you be not too blind to perceive it, is a temper to be avoided by all means.