Translucency [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Translucency:

And for the translucency of their yellower effects we must bring in the amber.

This translucency affects the luster and brightness of lumber.

The former constitutes the body of the piece, the latter gives it its translucency.

This translucency of atmosphere is very common in Southern Africa.

On exposure to light much of the translucency and brilliancy is lost.

Beyond them the black cup of the sky was thinning to translucency.

This serves to remove the yellowish cast and any translucency occasioned by plodding.

The example given in Fig. 1 is but slightly altered by decomposition, the translucency of the shell being still perceptible.

The supreme beauty of glass is still in the purity, the brilliancy, the translucency of its colour.

It has also the lustre and translucency of gum; with somewhat of a pearly aspect at times.