Exquisiteness [noun]

Definition of Exquisiteness:

achievement, completeness

Opposite/Antonyms of Exquisiteness:

Sentence/Example of Exquisiteness:

He knew he loved Barbara, but he did not know that her exquisiteness was permeating his whole being with an endless possession.

Her eyes met his slowly, and for a moment he felt a pleasure acute with the exquisiteness of pain.

Lady Hester seems to have heartily despised everything approaching to exquisiteness.

A rhapsody on the exquisiteness of the fruit's flavour would have bored Evadne stiff.

I must say that, from her stubby, capable fingers, there flow pure poetry of thought and exquisiteness of coloring.

Then I found that the lace even surpassed in exquisiteness the estimate Aunt Agnes had put upon it.

Courtesy in its utmost possible exquisiteness seems as natural to the Izumo boy as the colour of his hair or the tint of his skin.

In the unerring exactness of this choice, and mutual adaptation, consists the exquisiteness of the harmony.

He doesn't feel things at all as you, with your exquisiteness, imagine.

The exquisiteness of it, her pearly teeth, the Cupid's bow of her lips flushed him from head to foot.