Consummation [noun]

Definition of Consummation:

achievement, fulfillment

Synonyms of Consummation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consummation:

Sentence/Example of Consummation:

And there the matter ended, despite Trenchard's burning eagerness to carry it himself to a different consummation.

In several examples a hand stretched forth from on high seizes the knife to prevent the consummation of the sacrifice.

At the same time he disclaimed all interest in, or desire to accelerate this consummation.

The principal event which contributed to this consummation was the rupture between the chief Maroto and Don Carlos.

In the following chapters an attempt will be made to contribute something towards such a consummation.

Somehow she imagined a contact of lips would intensify that feeling, might bring it nearer consummation.

Prodigies of courage and industry must be performed to bring about this much desired consummation.

Italian Unity was nearly won, but the splendid consummation was dashed by the dread of civil strife.

It was a perception of powers and forces, not at variance, but working in harmony towards some cosmic consummation.

Indeed, He is the very root of Reason, for it is the goal at which all things find their consummation.