Completion [noun]

Definition of Completion:

accomplishment, finishing

Synonyms of Completion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Completion:

Sentence/Example of Completion:

So with its completion, he wrapped it carefully, and sent it to a Chicago publisher, while he sighed with relief.

The cost of these improvements up to completion is estimated at about one million sterling.

What can I do when the symphony, which is nearing completion, occupies me so entirely that I can think of nothing else?

Rimsky and I send you our homage and heartiest congratulations upon the completion of such a fine piece of workmanship.

Each of these has been potent in its effects, and to each we owe the completion of a great stage in the evolution of man.

The pointing of a wall, as previously mentioned, is done either with the bricklaying or at the completion of the work.

Every one thing in the picture must be gradually brought to a further stage of completion.

Glazes and such manipulations require a solid under-painting, and a comparative completion of the picture for safe work.

The new dam and the new establishments of various sorts, which followed its completion, did much for Gershom.

The first Cathedral was destroyed by fire immediately after completion, when all the parish records were destroyed.