Fulfillment [noun]

Definition of Fulfillment:

accomplishment, completion

Synonyms of Fulfillment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fulfillment:

Sentence/Example of Fulfillment:

Instead of resigning to her predicament and pausing her business, she was able to locate a warehouse that made auto parts, but do their own fulfillment through Amazon.

Most companies in the fulfillment space think Amazon is well on its way to monopolizing the business.

One telling shift has included converting stores into e-commerce fulfillment warehouses, and now Amazon reportedly wants in.

Second, as Shopify’s customer base and revenue has grown more quickly compared to competitors, that’s allowed it to justify investments in more costly services for its customers, like a fulfillment service that Shopify unveiled last year.

As the world went into lockdown, and everything non-essential went online, demand for digital fulfillment skyrocketed.

But should B accept one half, in fulfillment of his promise, that would be the end of the matter.

May this new edition help in the fulfillment of the great purpose which the Gospel epilogue expresses.

There was no moment of deliberation, no interval of repose between the thought and its fulfillment.

The whole adult population of the United States are witnesses of the fulfillment of this prophecy.

In conclusion, let us notice a few of the prophecies given through the Prophet Joseph, and their wonderful fulfillment.