Anticlimax [noun]

Definition of Anticlimax:

ineffective conclusion

Synonyms of Anticlimax:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anticlimax:

Sentence/Example of Anticlimax:

It was upon a lighter note, not to end in anticlimax, that Mr. Jenyns concluded his able pamphlet.

It seemed certain that the next two days must provide the climax or anticlimax of our whole reconnaissance.

After what he had been through, the Black Mass was necessarily an anticlimax.

The Fourth Act is an anticlimax, and shows up the faulty construction of the drama.

It was an absurd anticlimax to see that bold, bad gunman being jammed upright to keep him from falling in a heap.

Then an anticlimax; for suddenly the Irishwoman, followed by her spouse, rushed out and almost received our fire.

The arrangement of the words or clauses in a descending order is called anticlimax or bathos.

As the day approached, the excitement redoubled until Barbara herself began to fear an anticlimax.

December was fated to hold for him another startling anticlimax.

But that he should wish to be a lieutenant-governor, too, is rather an anticlimax.