Supremacy [noun]

Definition of Supremacy:

total domination

Synonyms of Supremacy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supremacy:

Sentence/Example of Supremacy:

The supremacy of the nation and its laws should be no longer a subject of debate.

He was quite aware of his own ascendency in counsel and his supremacy in debate.

In 1835, Cleveland, Erie and Sandusky were all struggling for supremacy.

Afloat the Allies continued to maintain the supremacy which had been theirs.

Bitter wars have been fought in Europe for colonial 160 supremacy in other continents.

Her eyes were alight with a love, radiant in its supremacy over her whole being.

The British Merchant Service has been challenged in its supremacy before.

In government, be yourself supreme, and let your supremacy be that of authority.

In the colonies in Asia Minor, the supremacy of the Ionic order had long been recognized.

In this struggle the supremacy of the seas fell to Great Britain.