Dominance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dominance:

With the dominance of Google, Facebook and Amazon, the rest are left to pick through the carcass for what remains, and it’s getting even more challenged.

There are four apps that seem to be the main potential threats to TikTok’s dominance, each with different audiences, features, and challenges.

Boldness, aggressiveness, and dominance got catalogued as male.

It seemed the happiest couples differed in terms of dominance, the tendency to take control of the situation.

Finally, Google will confront queries about its dominance of the search market, digital advertising and favoring its own content and services at the expense of third parties and rivals.

To that end, it encourages experimentation and a break with the staid business models that lost out to the ad dollar dominance of Google and Facebook.

Shopify doesn’t break out how many DTC brands use its platform, but its dominance is clear based on the numbers.

The US and China are, in a sense, vying for global dominance, and the international leadership vacuum left by the current US administration’s foreign policy isn’t helping.

Principally to ensure military dominance, the conquerors made many main roads, mostly centering in London.

But a raging storm, the sense of the absolute dominance of nature and the littleness of man, always exalted her.