Softness [noun]

Definition of Softness:


Synonyms of Softness:

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Sentence/Example of Softness:

With his whole soul, he marvelled at her softness and relaxation.

The least trace of softness in his voice would, I think, have broken down my temper.

His skin still preserved the softness of his twenty-six years.

The sun set, the evening was like the softness of springtime.

And the immense sheet of water expanded beneath the softness of the sky.

The one producing a temper of hardness and ferocity, the other of softness and effeminacy, I replied.

The softness of his speech in no way disguised the iciness of his manner.

"They'd locate the softness in t'other head of the two, Sam," he suggested.

It made a little cry, and he was all softness in an instant.

There was little of softness in his face, little that was imaginative.