Acknowledging [verb]

Definition of Acknowledging:

verbally recognize authority

Synonyms of Acknowledging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acknowledging:

Sentence/Example of Acknowledging:

In conclusion, I must distress my friend J. M. Barrie (who gave me a first chance) by acknowledging my great debt to him.

They pray for mercy, acknowledging that they are justly punished for forsaking true wisdom.

Grace arose, an angry flush on her face, and barely acknowledging his greeting, turned to go.

But to challenge reason as a judge of faith, is it not acknowledging that reason can not agree with faith?

He carried himself with true appreciation of the incident, acknowledging more by look than by sign this courtesy.

Elizabeth spurned this indirect mode of acknowledging herself guilty.

The king, while fully acknowledging Clive's services, thought him guilty of "rapine," and disapproved of his virtual acquittal.

I take this opportunity of acknowledging it; and now allow me to say that for these times you are much too frank and impetuous.

The speech from the throne at the opening of parliament, while acknowledging disaster, contained no hint of giving way.

DeSoto and Condit passed, acknowledging the salutations with joyful yelps.