Contrasted [verb]

Definition of Contrasted:

compare, differ

Opposite/Antonyms of Contrasted:

Sentence/Example of Contrasted:

In contrast, state management of land requires no such mechanisms.

This is an unfortunate contrast to other massive services, which tend to provide fairly detailed explanations in short order during similar outages.

By contrast, Eightfold’s software curates a list of specific job openings for a candidate.

In contrast, when we write, our brain needs to think about and retrieve memories of the shape of each letter.

The new protocol, by contrast, depends on security assumptions that have been widely used and studied in the past.

Apple is also applying its Deep Fusion technology to each image, which emphasizes contrast in areas of fine detail.

By contrast, Payne’s is very much a journalist’s book, focused on clearing up factual disputes and re-creating fly-on-the-wall details, and he adds invaluably to our understanding of Malcolm’s story at three key junctures in particular.

The western third of the United States, by contrast, will be stuck in a chilly, unsettled pattern, which can help quell fire prospects.

In Maryland and Northern Virginia, by contrast, school boards have more ability to shape reopening decisions.

In contrast to Case and Deaton’s national findings indicating that alcoholism contributes to deaths of despair, despair scores among participants displayed no link with alcohol abuse.