Weigh [verb]

Definition of Weigh:

measure heaviness

Synonyms of Weigh:

Opposite/Antonyms of Weigh:

Sentence/Example of Weigh:

When John Porter left the stand, the horses had just cantered back to weigh in.

Here's the cloth an' some leads; weigh out a hundred and twelve too.

His steel-yards wuz broke, so he had to weigh 'em in the house.

Weigh them, and allow to each pound of oranges a pound of loaf-sugar.

Weigh them, and to each pound of apples allow a pound of loaf-sugar.

Then weigh three quarters of a pound, and grate it into a dish.

Cut up and wash a cocoa-nut, and grate as much of it as will weigh a pound.

Weigh them, and to every pound of cucumbers allow a pound of loaf-sugar.

Mary looked up at him with that abstracted gaze with which we weigh and judge.

He was too wise to weigh carefully his reasons for looking at the best side of events.