Attributing [verb]

Definition of Attributing:

ascribe, assign to source

Synonyms of Attributing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attributing:

Sentence/Example of Attributing:

Advertisers have known an entire generation of consumers as numbers and attributes.

This sequence reveals how much of our behavior has a hefty biological predisposition, meaning we might be skewed towards developing a particular attribute or characteristic.

We look at six to seven different sets of stock attributes and group them based on ease versus difficulty to trade in order to optimize execution.

Google is now bringing some of these service attributes to Local Campaigns for the first time.

In addition, paid links also included the nofollow link attribute.

Chaucer makes a mistake in attributing this harmony to all of the nine spheres.

Therefore, they have no difficulty in attributing these evils to the severity of a just and good God.

One critic, after attributing a remark of Chopin's to me, exclaims: "The author is fond of such violent jumps to conclusions."

Movement therefore cannot be predicated of infinity, without also attributing stability to it.

She well knew that something was wrong, and attributing it to Alice's crying, she awaited in silence for the storm to burst.