Shady [adjective]

Definition of Shady:

dark, covered

Synonyms of Shady:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shady:

Sentence/Example of Shady:

His whole appearance was suggestive of the shady side of life.

His carriage was awaiting him in a shady corner of the Binnenhof.

She looked so cool and restful in her white frock and shady hat.

On several occasions the Coupeaus fancied they saw her in some shady dive.

Her own room was on the shady side where pots of mignonette died within a week.

It is found in shady woods and sometimes in open places where there is underbrush.

The plants are found in cool, moist, and shady ravines from May to August.

They require moist and shady places and the presence of hemlock trees.

An hour on the shady verandah of one of these houses is very revealing.

Thus came we out of the town and to the shady banks of the gleaming Po.