Upstanding [adjective]

Definition of Upstanding:


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Sentence/Example of Upstanding:

She stooped ever so slightly and touched the upstanding mop of his wavy hair.

The Earth-beam still swept the heavens like a stiff, upstanding sword.

He was big and upstanding, with a look of honesty that Pen liked.

It was there I first met him, and a fine, upstanding young officer he was.

The other has upstanding volutes of a heavy kind of foliage.

They had been fine, upstanding boys, all bright with spotless records.

For the animal is awake and upstanding; the spirit that quickens reality is apart.

She was a fine, upstanding creature, tremulous with emotion.

The upstanding dorsal has a crest, from which the sides curl back.

Just in front of them, where there still was a channel of water, was an upstanding rock.