Unsuitable [adjective]

Definition of Unsuitable:

not proper, inappropriate

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsuitable:

Sentence/Example of Unsuitable:

I speak, of course, in ignorance of the details, and they may be unsuitable on both sides.'

It was the point of view which was unsuitable, not the meaning which was absent!

We cannot use the cotton, as it is unsuitable for our hosiery yarns.

Now every melody is right when it has suitable harmony and rhythm, and wrong when unsuitable.

Young man, you have chosen an unsuitable place to cut your jokes!'

The spirit of freedom that prevailed there was unsuitable to his constitution.

She has had a most unsuitable education for a person in her rank of life.

She thought the mention of it most unsuitable at such a season.

He was at bottom the most unsuitable man who could be found for such a work.

If this hour and day were unsuitable, would he kindly arrange others.