Unfit [adjective]

Definition of Unfit:

not appropriate or suited

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfit:

Sentence/Example of Unfit:

With such deep yearning in his soul, he was unfit for heaven.

The unfit brought in for strength are weakness and destruction.

When I discovered that I was unfit to hold that trust any longer, I quit.

This craft was unfit for her duty, but time pressed, and no better offered.

If there are yellow streaks in the lean of the bacon, it is rusty, and unfit to eat.

Robin stopped his minstrelsy, and said to the bishop, "This seems to me an unfit match."

I am unfit to be the associate of an honest man,' Miss Wilmot says to you.

Neo-malthusianism should be confined to the unfit of all kinds, and to the lower races.

You see you have been in this groove all your life, and are unfit for anything else.

For a long time it will be so strong as to make him an unfit denizen of the house.