Debilitated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Debilitated:

Consumed by guilt and dread, and unsure of what she’s become, or why, Maeve grows increasingly debilitated by whatever has infected her.

Researchers are also investigating gene therapy approaches, with the goal of fixing the mutation that causes the debilitating illness.

It’s a condition being evaluated and likely to be made official, but in simple terms, it’s grief that’s debilitating over a long period of time.

People with severe cases can suffer prolonged symptoms of fatigue and other debilitating effects.

For the millions suffering from cancer and other debilitating diseases, I hope so.

Indeed, during the greater portion of the voyage one or the other of us lay sick and debilitated.

It is not infrequently observed in the strumous and debilitated.

The patient rallied, but she remained very much debilitated.

But the effort was too great for her debilitated condition—a weakness came over her, and she sunk back exhausted to her pillow.

The following, then, may be put down as the causes of a debilitated constitution, from the misuse of food.