Sapped [verb]

Definition of Sapped:

squeeze out; weaken

Synonyms of Sapped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sapped:

Sentence/Example of Sapped:

He reeled like a drunkard, sapped of strength, and then the end came quickly.

The South Sea bubble has sapped the confidence in the government of all men of weight.

The relentless, menacing tone chilled him and sapped his self-control.

It was as if his love had sapped the invisible supports of his strength.

Long contact with misfortune had sapped the natural resiliency of his character.

Sensual indulgence had sapped the very foundations of his character.

He was very hungry, for that adventure in the lagoon had sapped his strength.

This was not the girl he knew, but an Oliva Cresswell from whom all vitality and life had been sapped.

Moreover this touch of a not repulsive worldliness in her sapped some of my scruples.

But while Pitt sapped the approaches to the citadel, Loughborough countermined him.