Deplete [verb]

Definition of Deplete:

consume, exhaust supply

Synonyms of Deplete:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deplete:

Sentence/Example of Deplete:

For all I knew, they endured similar privation every summer, but it was hard not to suppose that the coronavirus-induced human exodus from the city had depleted their food supply.

He was forced to scramble from the pocket regularly while playing behind a patchwork, injury-depleted offensive line and managed only 67 first-half passing yards.

In a second test launch from Kodiak, Alaska, in December, Astra’s rocket failed to reach Earth’s orbit after the upper stage engine depleted its fuel seconds too early, preventing the vehicle from reaching orbit velocity.

We are depleted, perhaps from making so many decisions about so many things with so much to lose if we misstep.

The story takes place in a futuristic world where resources are depleted and a crew of scientists must journey to the moon to get their hands on samples from an abandoned facility.

After strenuous exercise, you become glycogen depleted, which may lead to lower immunity.

Instead, multiple types of bacteria living within millimeters of sea stars’ skin deplete oxygen from the water and effectively suffocate the animals, researchers report January 6 in Frontiers in Microbiology.

The clock speeds up when river flows are greatest, such as during spring runoff, then will slow nearly to a halt during low-flow periods, such as late-summer when much of the snowmelt has been depleted.

Without him, Washington has looked lost, losing two in a row, including a game to the depleted Carolina Panthers on Sunday that could have been a win and celebration of an improbable division title.

If I’m feeling depleted, or maybe a little unconfident, it’s really hard for me to jump into work that’s difficult or a task that’s really difficult.