Overtax [verb]

Definition of Overtax:

go to extremes; carry too far

Opposite/Antonyms of Overtax:

Sentence/Example of Overtax:

You racket about and overtax your strength and excite yourself.

"The reading seems to overtax your strength," said the woman giggling.

It would be easy to overtax our attention by going into too wide a field.

He had done well enough and he did not want to overtax his horse.

He will not try to overtax his strength, and he goes on strike firmly if asked to do too much.

When starting on a pedestrian excursion be careful not to overtax your strength.

With all that teaching and housekeeping, I am afraid you will overtax your strength.

Tom-all-alone's might overtax the nervous system of a neophyte.

By staying in the water too long one may overtax his vitality and become chilled.

Many cannot do this, and overtax both their physical and intellectual energies.