Refill [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Refill:

But the water in our butts had gone rancid and we put in at this island to refill.

Gloria rose unobtrusively and took the teapot to the kitchen for a refill.

Granice, with a throbbing heart, watched Denver refill his pipe.

Brook shook his head and began to refill his refractory pipe.

Merrihew solemnly spun his wine-glass, but made no effort to refill it.

His pipe was out, but he could not take his hands from the wheel to refill it.

They could also get a fresh supply of water and refill their air tanks there.

I thought if anyone came in and found me I'd say I'd been sent to refill the water-jug.

But I shall be in no hurry to refill it: I am too much afraid of breaking it.

On arriving at the spring they refill their water-skins and let the dromedaries drink.