Threaten [verb]

Definition of Threaten:

warn, pressure

Synonyms of Threaten:

Opposite/Antonyms of Threaten:

Sentence/Example of Threaten:

But that nevertheless he will not threaten either his own life, or that of any other man.

Never again attempt to threaten people of property and station.

It seemed to threaten no such consequences at its commencement.

Why should the Congregation of the Index threaten his work with interdiction?

You shall not threaten me into a rashness that my heart condemns!

I had in turn but to threaten to report him to this woman and he would be as clay in my hands.

Do you threaten us with force from your Combine devoted to peace?

It would surprise you to know how many of them badger and threaten us.

The King flew into a great passion, and began to threaten me.

Of all the dangers that threaten the path of the reformer that of injustice is the greatest.