Spook [verb]

Definition of Spook:

frighten, scare

Synonyms of Spook:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spook:

Sentence/Example of Spook:

The exciting evening with the Hoag spook had worked no lasting harm.

I'd have given more for her if I had known she owned a spook.

It gets me what she was doing in that spook place alone at night.

Here, according to report, the spook sank into a sunken grave.

I'll round up this spook tonight for good, and then the vassal's task is done.

(Interrupting and looking at Duke) In just what way do you connect this spook with the treasure?

Then you can come back at your leisure and keep the spook compact.

I have been sneered at as a "spiritualist," a "spook hunter," an "agnostic."

But sure it must be, seeing you have a voice of your own, which is a thing never yet given to a spook.

I made sure it was a spook, an' there wasn't a bit o' breath left in me.