Forebode [verb]

Definition of Forebode:

predict, warn

Synonyms of Forebode:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forebode:


Sentence/Example of Forebode:

It gave Jones a sense of foreboding about what may become of her own votes for Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

The storm raised over King Christian's letter was such as to forebode no other settlement than by arms.

From her history the shadow of the Horde, one is tempted to forebode, in the words of Poe, shall be lifted nevermore.

The menaces of my persecutor seemed to forebode the inevitable interruption of this system.

This profound tranquility excited the suspicions of the Black Bear; it seemed to forebode an impending storm.

Perhaps—but her tone did not forebode a cheerful conversation.

Some of them had shifty eyes and some bold, predatory glances which forebode nothing good for San Francisco's peace.

Since three maids so blest Thy safety plan, e'en in the court of heaven; And so much certain good my words forebode.

This was a movement the settlers did not understand; neither did they like it, for it seemed to forebode no good.

Yet, though it was so thoughtful, there was nothing in the aspect whence to forebode a want of the more masculine qualifications.