Forecast [noun]

Definition of Forecast:

prediction, often of weather or business

Synonyms of Forecast:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forecast:

Sentence/Example of Forecast:

Let’s make the optimistic forecast that total StarTech’s total profits will rise at 6% a year over the next half-decade.

A 12-month forecast allows customers to be able to take their sales projections and fit them on top of the SEO opportunity.

FOCUS is the latest in a series of studies into how humans make forecasts—an essential part of making good decisions.

The consensus forecast shows the unemployment rate will have dropped below 10%, but there is great uncertainty over how much of an improvement we may see.

For instance, with Google’s RankBrain, you can recognize words and phrases to predict forecast results more accurately.

This story has been updated to correctly describe the method Google has used to improve the quality of data fed into its flood forecasts.

Based on the current forecast storm track, it looks likely that Houston will be spared a direct hit from Laura.

To get a more reasonable, measured forecast, I like to use my what I call the “Tully-20” rule.

On the other hand, today’s superstars will attract hungry competitors, are already drawing lots of political scrutiny, and will retreat when investors realize they can never meet Wall Street’s bluebird forecasts and investors’ inflated expectations.

The US presidential election is three months away, and the polls and forecasts are rolling in.