Endanger [verb]

Definition of Endanger:

put in jeopardy

Synonyms of Endanger:

Opposite/Antonyms of Endanger:

Sentence/Example of Endanger:

All three species are endangered, and the restored wetland provides habitat that may help boost their populations.

Another option is “managed wildfire,” which means monitoring fires but allowing them to burn when they don’t directly endanger people or property.

They live throughout much of the northeastern US and are not threatened or endangered, but they are mighty hard to find.

We have Santa Cruz cypress trees, they’re federally endangered trees that only grow right here.

These animals are so rare, wildlife ecologists struggle even now to determine how vulnerable or endangered they are.

More time spent stealing your bike endangers the thief, and that makes them think twice.

Critics say establishing such a hierarchy of rights endangers the lives and safety of vulnerable groups like LGBT people and women around the world.

As the renter lives in the same house you do, his or her behavior is endangering your health, which warrants some action.

Success provides the data needed to protect threatened and endangered animals.

It would endanger me to distribute such a fiery appeal, my friend remonstrated.