Incorrect [adjective]

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The group refuted those reports, calling them stories “filled with inaccuracies” and “incorrect information,” but also announced that it would hire an independent investigator to look into allegations against Weaver.

Claiming an incorrect Recovery Rebate Credit amountThe IRS won’t calculate the Recovery Rebate Credit amount for you — unless you make a mistake in filling in Line 30 on your 1040 form.

Those include incorrect distances between insulated joints and signals, malfunctioning fans and station platform pavers that leak water.

Unfortunately for Gaetz and Fox, though, the report was entirely incorrect and was ultimately rescinded.

We strongly believe, and communicated to the DOL at the time, that its determination in connection with the 2010 audit was incorrect.

I was able to show multiple articles that proved that this was incorrect.

Wikipedia still has its share of errors and incorrect information, though it says most “vandalism” is removed within five minutes.

The overall aim of the approach is to identify mutations that might let a virus escape an immune system without making it less infectious—that is, mutations that change a virus’s meaning without making it grammatically incorrect.

Adding on to those few users driving the switch are some more who are panicking based on incorrect information, such as about all their messages and content being shared with Facebook or third parties.

Still, he used a Thursday morning speech on the Senate floor to continue to falsely imply that the election results were incorrect.