Unhealthy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unhealthy:

And I said that it seemed an unhealthy thing to dump all our refuse so close to the city.

Lorilleux, annoyed at not having any fat himself, said that it was soft and unhealthy.

And your English lakes—Vindermere, Grasmere they, then, unhealthy?

To her mind there was something feverish and unhealthy in its vivid beauty.

He also saw the unhealthy lines in his cheeks and round his mouth.

I was just making conversation, to get his mind out of its unhealthy channel.

She had gone off—with that unhealthy, fat ass of a journalist.

He was disturbed to find himself in such an unhealthy state of mind.

So for the last two days he has been away camping in that unhealthy place.

"It is not unhealthy—not at the present moment," said Venor.