Shaky [adjective]

Definition of Shaky:


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Sentence/Example of Shaky:

Now the man had an old grandfather at home, who was weak and shaky.

Shaky was on his feet in an instant, and his anger was blazing in his fierce eyes.

He weighed the stories he had heard from Shaky, and picked them threadbare.

She found it very hard to speak and, when she did do so, her voice was shaky.

It is so shaky nowadays that I can scarcely decipher some of it.

"There were some fishermen there—with fish," he said in a shaky voice.

After epileptic seizures and attacks of hysteria the writing is shaky.

More than an hour, now, since Ivan had bidden him a shaky good-night!

Shorts had a shaky grasp of one arm of Dillon, and Spuddy the other.

As soon as I went in, he came runnin' to me; but I could see he was shaky on his legs.