Rootless [adjective]

Definition of Rootless:

dangerous, precarious

Synonyms of Rootless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rootless:

Sentence/Example of Rootless:

Without that rootless, worthless, devilish fancy, I might have been no worse than other people!

Surface-work not being in vogue, nor rootless blossoms regarded.

In "Ceugant" there is only the Unknowable, the rootless Root.

In all cases the first upper incisors are large and rootless.

Such teeth are said to be rootless or to have persistent pulps.

All the teeth of the animal are rootless, and there are no canines.

His patriotism was a rootless organism floating in a calm sea of sentiment.

In this sub-family the molars are generally semi-rooted or rootless.

But for it she would have felt as rootless as the whiffs of thistledown the wind blew past her.

And any religion that most men have is of this outside, shallow, rootless description.