Insecure [adjective]

Definition of Insecure:

uncertain, worried

Synonyms of Insecure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insecure:

Sentence/Example of Insecure:

The spread of Covid-19 among housing-insecure and homeless populations didn’t stay there — it affected entire communities through increased transmission rates and strained hospital resources.

The proceeds will support grants for nonprofits in the community, programming at the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy and meals for food-insecure residents.

Raising awareness about Meals on Wheels and lonely and food insecure seniors is, because “the whole world loves it when you’re in the news.”

You can’t just look at a person and know whether or not they’re food insecure.

Broad Street Ministry, a church in the heart of the city known for its social service work, serves as the mailing address for about 3,000 people who are homeless or housing insecure.

Ultimately, the neighborhoods with few full-service grocery stores became even more food insecure as a result.

So the ladder, a rather rotten and insecure one, was obtained, and after some difficulty placed against the wall.

Such conjectures would always be insecure, and often erroneous.

He swung up, breaking off the more insecure boughs, and was of the belief that we could get across in that way.

This fault must be corrected immediately, as it renders his gait not only uncomfortable to the rider, but very insecure.