Unassured [adjective]

Definition of Unassured:

uncertain, worried

Synonyms of Unassured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unassured:

Sentence/Example of Unassured:

Failure was instinct in her, in her faded colouring and eager, unassured manner.

When the answer came, it was strangely deprecatory, uncertain, unassured.

If she were worth her salt she would have too much pride to be intimate with a youth in your unassured position, to say no worse.

The sun still shone in heaven, and still Edward's conquest was unassured.

It recalled to her the ways of his pathetic youth, his youth that obscurity made wild and shy and unassured.

But the four infants who were left would be burden enough for the mother in her unassured and unprotected state.