Jittery [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Jittery:

Since the Skye excitement everyone is inclined to be jittery and nerves are stretched tightly.

And I'll admit that I was as jittery as a hen on a hot stove until we got this Fortress off the ground, and into the air.

Chub flushed, knowing full well that reference was being made to the jittery way he had talked about ghosts.

But before he could come near enough, Pal charged the blackbirds and sent them in jittery flight back to the trees.

Mrs. RVS started to get jittery at about ten mps away from home, and above fifteen, she was trembling steadily.

There is a certain, ever-present segment of any public, whose jittery imagination is a constant fuse-cap for panic.

You see, it sort of riled me—I warn't used to the ways of Jittery swells.

But she was jittery as an old hen and it weren't like her nohow.