Tense [adjective]

Definition of Tense:

tight, stretched

Synonyms of Tense:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tense:

Sentence/Example of Tense:

Instead, only a tense horror that touched to the roots of emotion.

"I don't understand this," said Linda, white lipped and tense.

They stood before him palpitating like birds, poised, tense for flight.

How tense they both had been, how afraid of each other, how she had irritated him!

The irregularity of the proceeding was unnoticed in the tense excitement.

He waited, every nerve and fibre of him tense for her answer.

My memory is good, and I waited in tense eagerness for the phrase that came next.

They were accustomed to these outbursts of her tense little nature and said no more.

She glanced up, and even in the gloom she noticed how white and tense was his face.

All tense and trembling with eagerness and desire, he mastered his instinct and stood still.