Slack [adjective]

Definition of Slack:

loose, baggy; inactive

Synonyms of Slack:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slack:

Sentence/Example of Slack:

Ayllon had the necklace with him in the slack of his doublet.

I was plenty busy taking in slack, so I did not notice Dick.

The coves and hollows were better wooded and there were some stretches of slack water.

Too rash Love in its choice, paid you so largely service so slack!

Taut, now, the quivering lines; now slack; and so, let her go!

It was excusable for her to slack a little on Monday after drudging all through the week.

From his slack jaws poured a constant whining of words, unintelligible.

He was in the slack water of the soul, when the ebb is spent, before the tide has begun to flow.

Little by little his slack body began to stiffen; little by little he raised himself.

I wound the reel like a madman, but I never even half got up the slack line.