Excitable [adjective]

Definition of Excitable:

easily upset or inspired

Opposite/Antonyms of Excitable:

Sentence/Example of Excitable:

He is of so excitable a constitution, that his faculties being so far confused is the best thing, perhaps, that could be.

I sit at home nearly all day, and Rubinstein, who leads rather an excitable life, cannot sufficiently marvel at my industry.

There is a false hydrophobia observed in excitable persons that have been bitten by a dog thought to be mad.

His manner was sometimes excitable, as we have seen above; but usually he was like what gentlemen with us desire to be.

As I ran by the side of the excitable fishers, I urged upon one or two of them the wisdom and duty of preventing a conflict.

A breath, and these sullen, excitable men would hurl themselves upon him.

But it becomes a more serious matter when learned men employ inflated language in addressing ignorant and excitable audiences.

He was not the least angry; it was not the same woman that he was looking at —that thin, excitable little doll of those days.

All the Wollstonecrafts inherited a peculiarly excitable temperament.

She should not be too excitable and yet she ought to be keen.