Demonstrative [adjective]

Definition of Demonstrative:

expressive, communicative

Synonyms of Demonstrative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demonstrative:

Sentence/Example of Demonstrative:

Walking with arms encircling waists, or such demonstrative tokens of love, are marks of low breeding.

But perhaps you are a chemist, and proud, as most chemists are, of the accuracy attainable in that most demonstrative science.

A cold reserve on Frederick's part had succeeded the demonstrative affection that had formerly existed between mother and son.

Asused here in its demonstrative meaning, to introduce a parenthetical clause.

She was preternaturally animated and demonstrative at the station—your sex's little guileful way ever since the world began.

I observed, as my uncle spoke, that his voice was unnaturally moved and his manner unwontedly demonstrative.

He had no sooner turned his back than the general relief broke out irrepressibly; Ormsby being especially demonstrative.

The demonstrative adverb thus implies a relative adverb: comp.

Kea pointed out to us with demonstrative finger the various floors or ledges on the inner wall.

He also seems to have entertained a strong dislike to any excessively demonstrative affection.