Mysterious [adjective]

Definition of Mysterious:

secret, concealed

Opposite/Antonyms of Mysterious:

Sentence/Example of Mysterious:

By some mysterious power you have ever known my heart better than I myself have known it.

All who listened were deeply impressed by language so mysterious.

From the first moment you spoke, I have felt this mysterious power.

"The beauty that lies within has ever a mysterious power," answered Plato.

She prevails, and rescues him from the mysterious perils of the library.

Then, her glance straying to Anne, "What makes Anne look so mysterious?"

It seemed, however, as if mysterious whispers encouraged her to persevere.

Her anguish was redoubled by this mysterious and inexplicable struggle within her.

How mysterious, how infinitely tender it sounded in that awful blackness!

No, their barks have got to be moored outside of them mysterious shores.