Enigmatical [adjective]

Definition of Enigmatical:

secret, concealed

Opposite/Antonyms of Enigmatical:

Sentence/Example of Enigmatical:

A talk with this enigmatical cousin would be a proper climax to the triumphs of the night.

From time to time he would throw to the Nabob across the table a few words enigmatical for all.

I went up to an empty table, asked for a pot of beer and a newspaper, and sat down not far off from this enigmatical being.

"The gods reveal many things to those they love," was Peter Gross's enigmatical reply.

I said, finding this explosion and electrical inspiration rather enigmatical.

To Verna, in her then frame of mind, the enigmatical nature of the remark opened all sorts of possibilities.

This last enigmatical sentence Belinda could not prevail upon Lady Delacour to explain.

The three blood red stars that punctuated the enigmatical judgment, "sixty days within which to prove your loyalty."

At Barking, just within the old Abbey gate, I came upon an enigmatical illustration.

I therefore drew no conclusions from Baxter's somewhat enigmatical smile.