Outpouring [noun]

Definition of Outpouring:


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Sentence/Example of Outpouring:

Ask for yourself, and all who join, the outpouring of the Spirit of Supplication.

Blessed, a thousand times blessed, will be the outpouring of a contrite heart.

Craig had barked a few oaths preliminary to an outpouring of his feelings.

We need an outpouring of the Spirit, but are we ready for it?

Prayer is an outpouring of the heart in the presence of God.

In this outpouring I excepted, as you may be sure, the revelations of my career as a pasha.

His reception in the South had been an outpouring of hearts.

It was overspread by outpouring spring water which dissolved most of the snow.

Let us pray for the outpouring of his grace upon the church.

Instantly it was perceptible that her voice was true, the outpouring of a soul.