Issue [noun]

Definition of Issue:

point in question

Synonyms of Issue:

Opposite/Antonyms of Issue:

Sentence/Example of Issue:

He was more explicit about this disparagement during an event in Pennsylvania earlier this year, when he charged that Biden “has got some big issues” because the former vice president is so often seen wearing a mask.

They want to pass good legislation, because it’s not just a political-messaging issue.

Among them, 61 percent said voter fraud is a major problem with voting by mail, with only 1 percent saying it’s not an issue at all.

If you run into any issues at the polls during early voting or on Election Day, ask a poll worker for help.

This tactic is now becoming more overt, and it is spreading to other issues.

Since the machines are finicky and prone to error, most of the qubits will be devoted to correcting for those issues.

Dalio himself spent as much as 70 hours a week working on the issues, said the person close to the firm, and the risk levels have been at historic norms since about August.

Tristan was creating a line of products to address a set of issues they didn’t have or couldn’t see, so therefore they must not be real or at least not big enough to be worth their time and money.

The place was well defended by earthworks and natural parapets, and for several hours the issue of the contest was doubtful.

In one sense, then, the new issue has adequate expansibility for ordinary needs.