Outgoing [adjective]

Definition of Outgoing:

demonstrative, extroverted

Synonyms of Outgoing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outgoing:

Sentence/Example of Outgoing:

Additional legislation of this kind was passed by the outgoing Congress.

The "pond" was a puddle, perhaps twenty feet across, left by the outgoing tide.

The boats at anchor in front of the shanties swung with the outgoing tide.

For a while I puzzled over the significance of this outgoing and incoming.

No act of the outgoing Administration had given greater offense.

The incoming tide had no swift, unexpected current as the outgoing water had.

The outgoing footsteps were deeply and distinctly outlined from heel to toe.

But his outgoing from the country was marked by the same sanguinary scenes.

The roads to Canada and to the west were thronged with outgoing automobiles.

Presently the five outgoing guests slouched one by one into the room.