Incoming [adjective]

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“We’re trying to make it easy,” said LeBlanc, adding that the next class of incoming first-year students will be given reusable water bottles when they move onto campus.

Maybe incoming offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn can rediscover Goff’s old magic, and all those first-rounders just beef up the talent level around him.

Every four or eight years, the incoming administration resets America’s policy priorities.

The incoming Administration has a responsibility to drive systemic change on hunger and nutrition, and that starts with the food system.

The company then placed a lien on the hospital’s incoming payments.

It’s been such a frustration that the top spokesman for incoming Senate Armed Services Committee chairman had to send a memo to reporters downplaying his boss’ power.

Nonetheless, incoming secretary Jennifer Granholm is expected to accelerate research and development on clean sources of energy and other essential technologies, such as longer-lasting batteries for electric vehicles.

Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s sometimes-volatile incoming chief of staff, called David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist, on his cellphone.

That uncertainty, however, also creates an opening for lawmakers and others looking to play a role in shaping the incoming administration's views on Section 230 and internet regulation more broadly.

They confronted the incoming Kennedy, Carter, Clinton and Obama administrations deep in the minority, in need of an average of 50 seats to take back the House and 12 to take back the Senate.